Milky Way Studio


About the Studio

Milky Way Studio is an extragalactic sound palette that combines artistry with sonic mastery to produce immersive environments. The hallmarks of this workspace are a wide array of synthesis techniques and cutting edge 24-bit high-definition sound.

Our expertly crafted layout ensures maximum space utilization and efficiency: Every cable, interface, and instrument has integral purpose. They function together to create an organized workflow that belies the studio's compass.

About the Technology

State of the art 24-bit/96kHz recording technology coupled with digital, analog, and soft synthesis electronics comprise the primary means of composition during conceptualization and production.

The following instruments have been hand-selected for their distinct musical properties:

  • Digital Synthesizer A | 12-voice hybrid digital/analog synthesizer module.
  • Digital Synthesizer B | 128-voice sample-based digital synthesizer.
  • Analog Synthesizer C | 16-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer.
  • Digital Studio | professional studio with soft synthesis, composing, recording, mixing, and mastering.

Meet the Artists

Our current line up of original artists includes:

  • moon outpost | a nocturnal synthesist of electronic music, using a hybrid fusion of synthesis methods to produce original stellar soundscapes.